You changed my life in 2 coaching sessions! I cannot believe how much more efficient I am, and the level of peace that brings is something I’ve never experienced. I will FOREVER be grateful for you!

While learning to trust and communicate with someone new is wrought with potential for errors and frustration, we have somehow built a powerfully authentic method for working together in a VERY short period of time. In the midst of rapid growth for our company, we have continued to learn one another and improve our effectiveness.

In a word: game-changing. Jen has provided not only incredible technical support with amazing precision and professionalism, but her proactive approach and capability to help me maintain the big picture while managing the small details (and keeping my sanity), has undoubtedly accelerated the success of my business. She is a huge support for me and far more a business coach than a VA in my eyes!

During the five months Jen worked for me, she helped take my business to a new level. I’m sure her professionalism, communications skills, speed, and expertise as a virtual assistant is among the best in the industry.