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Personal Insight

The number one struggle for business owners is figuring out how to get the work done. With all the apps, hacks, and methods out there, wouldn’t it be nice to know what will work for you without wasting time, energy, and money? Sure it would! And that’s where the Kolbe A Assessment comes in. This isn’t a personality profile. Kolbe helps you understand and leverage your natural strengths and instincts for success. Get started here.


Having a solid contract is essential to protecting your business. My virtual assistant contract was developed by The Contract Shop and I couldn’t be happier with the product and their on-going support. Each contract is created and reviewed by a licensed attorney. Also, if the laws that govern your area should ever change, you’ll get an updated template. It’s like have a contract lawyer on retainer without the hefty fees.

Stock Photos

Look – I’m not good at taking stylish photos that create a consistent brand image. So, taking my own advice, I outsource what I don’t do well. That’s where Styled Stock Society comes in. They take vibrant, interesting photos and their membership is far more affordable than other stock photo services. Every month, four new photo portfolios are released for download, which means their library of thousands of photos is constantly growing. Check out memberships here.

Financial Tracking

Hey! Working for yourself is administratively heavy (until you hire a VA, that is!) Your finances don’t need to be a headache. For as little as $6 a month, Quickbooks Self-Employed will keep all of your business accounts in order. You can even invoice your clients and get paid right through the platform so you aren’t chasing documentation and money all over the place. That’s smart, right?

Email Marketing

With all the email marketing systems out there, how do you know which one to use? Personally, I prefer MailChimp. Here’s why.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Most websites have a MailChimp integration built in.
  • Their templates and tutorials are top-notch.

Within moments of creating a MailChimp account, you can start building a mailing list and building a communication strategy that keeps you top of mind for your customers. And we all know what that means!

Task Lists

I’ve fluttered between multiple task list applications and always come back to Trello. With its clean interface, app integrations (called Power Ups), and functionalities, Trello is ideal for new digital task list creators because it is the most similar to creating and organizing lists on paper. You can make all the lists you can dream up and collaborate when needed. With templates and plenty of videos to help you get creative, Trello opens the door to organizing and checking off your tasks like a pro!


If you’re working in multiple email accounts and using the same online applications every day, Shift will streamline your work into a singular workstation. Allowing you to easily toggle between accounts and even keep browsing separated, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to quickly switch gears. The best part: Shift is a cloud-based application so settings carry seamlessly across devices.

Graphic Design

No graphic design experience? No problem. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating print or digital materials, look no further than Canva. Canva is a web-based graphic design tool with thousands of templates, fonts, and images to get you started – no experience required. Every asset you see in my business – from my logo to the digital downloads – was created in Canva. Having worked with other softwares, I can honestly say this is the easiest way to DIY graphic aspects of your business and look super professional in the process.

Staying Current

Every morning for about seven+ years now, I have read theSkimm over breakfast. It’s a quick and dirty run down on current events that can be digested in 10 minutes or less with links that allow you to dig further if something interests you. Their coverage spans everything from politics, pop culture, and world news. It’s amazing. If you want to stay up to date but not get buried under all the noise, this is a great source. Check it out!